Sunday, April 29, 2012

Actual History: '1880s Victorian Ladies Black Spanish Lace shawl' at Bustledress

An actual piece of history, this. This shawl I can see as part of very different ensembles, due to its strength as a stand-alone piece. Lace is tricky, and most any lace shawls are indistinguishable from lace curtains, but here I think this is not the case, since while the shawl's very free in shape, the cut of the hem is clear and intentional, and the upper part sits on the shoulders unlike a curtain would. 

Long, billowy garments accompany this piece the best, be it dresses or trousers. Found here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Neo-Victorian: 'Victorian Walking Shoe' at Clockwork Couture

Beautiful, elegant, and strong. The mixed materials work, and I definitely fancy the stitch-like detail on the side, there. The laces could somehow be more, hmm, interesting, perhaps, although I cannot think of a convenient way to make them such without losing that Victorian elegance. The heel is also modern-looking, not necessarily disturbingly so.

They also come in all brown. Found here.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deathrocker/ Psychobilly: 'Playing Card' T Shirt by Darkside Clothing

I find this print very attractive. It's busy, but not overly chaotic, and while there is a lot of detail to feast your eyes upon, the colour harmony saves it all from appearing messy. As far as playing card motifs go, I think this design is quite creative and outside-the-box, and the fact that it's not a screamingly obvious theme is refreshing.

I just hope it doesn't fade instantly. Found here. They carry this illustration in various shirt types (regular fit tees, sleeveless tops, flared tops, the whole lot.)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Neo-Regency/EGA: 'demi-sommeil ワンピース' at Antique beasT

Beautifully draped, and a handsome fabric. I'm unsure of how well the fringes of the bust go with the very narrow spaghetti straps and whether this might also work with a kind of modified cap sleeve, Regency style. It's good as it is, too, don't get me wrong. I find the lace very appropriate, too - long dresses with lace at the bottom are often in danger of looking like nightwear, but with the Regency proportions it definitely goes as historically correct.

I'm sure a lot of mainstream people would find this quite lovely, too. Found here.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perky Goth/ Gothic Lolita: 'Cardigan Goth-Punk' by Bodyline at Capsule Tokyo

Cat ears in alternative clothing are common enough, but this is the first time I've seen a pair on a bolero-type cardigan. I cannot say for sure, but the ears appear to stay in shape better than they tend to, which is also a big thumbs-up. The tail in the back is delightfully weird.

Plenty of colour options available, although I have to say the black and white version looks the sharpest, in my humble opinion. Found here.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Gothic Daily: 'Hook Vest' at Androm

Not a lot of design has gone into this vest, but it's a versatile everyday piece, which is mostly what most of us require. The messy trim looks good on a thick fabric like this, and while the hooks could be more practical and more attractive, they're fine as they are. Maybe if the zip was black...

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Gothabilly: 'Zipper Waist Pant Pinstripe' by Switchblade Stiletto at Too Fast

The choice of fabric here matches the snug fit and a high waist fantastically, and while the zip is unnecessarily loud as an element in the front, the studs tone its dominance slightly, much to the benefit of the entire look of these trousers. I wouldn't recommend wearing a belt, unless it's wide enough to completely cover both the zip and the studs.

A fit like this would look best on a fairly curvaceous or athletic lower body. Found here.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fail: 'Pure Evil (Grey)' Shirt by Criminal Damage

I'm not sure what this is trying to be, or what style it's trying to incorporate - frankly, I'd assume it's for mainstream consumers were it not for the brand. 

But seriously. 


Just look at what they're trying to sell you here. Can you think of anything less flattering, less aesthetically pleasing with so few actual elements, done with so little effort in the hopes of someone buying this for the £29.99 that's on the price tag? If you are one for the grungy-ish not-really-there style, you'd take just any old shirt, cut the hem and write on it with a marker, no?