Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fail: 'Velvet Gothic Short Dress' by Leg Avenue at The Mission Boutique

As a bat costume, this is definitely a success. Great work. A bit unimaginative and vague, but somewhat identifiable as bat, nevertheless. Well done!

Outside of the bat context, however, I say this is quite unwearable a piece, even more so for something in the simple-black-dress category. (The model seems to agree; or is it just me who's reading confused desperation on their face?) 

I imagine the length to be something to consider and to get paranoid about, and since velvet is heavy as hell, the vast, oversized sleeves would add to the inconvenience. I also don't find the shape of the sleeves very beautiful, but that's just a matter of aesthetics.

Spread your wings here. If you like bats and want to look like one, it could also be done more fashionably, I believe.

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  1. id like this dress but with straight sleeves instead of those wide bat ones ^^°