Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cabaret Goth: 'Silver Ribbon Boudoir' Corset (Lovelace Boudoir Collection) by Bibian Blue

I really like the whole ensemble here, and the fact that it's black and white is definitely called for here -  Cabaret Goth often has colour somewhere and it's actually pretty interesting to see a more graphic, sombre take on the style. It's clearly a couture piece - I strongly recommend you click the pic to see the details of that corset. The floral pattern on the satin in this gorgeous grey makes it look metallic, contrasting nicely with the fluff and movement of lace and tulle.

Several colour options. More pictures here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Perky Goth: 'Pink Skellington Dress' by Delirium

Despite the annoyingly small picture, I can tell this looks good and is well-proportioned. I like how the petticoat's visually connecting with the halterneck strap. 

I'm just not sure of the lacing. I know, I know, it's always the lacing that gets to me, but the way it's done here makes the front appear sort of backwards and that's just no good. Lacing from the bottom up would solve the issue here, although I'm also not a big fan of the excess ribbons breaking the beautiful pattern the criss-crossing ribbon makes.

Lacing hang-ups aside, I approve of this look. Found here.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Steampunk: 'Burning Circus: Lace Up Ruffle Pants' by Lip Service at the Underground Asylum

A pleasant spring-time look, this. The tapestry-like stripes and length to the legs, and the discreet ruffles combined with a slim fit ensure these evade giving the pajamas impression that is the pitfall of most striped trousers. Just make sure the top is also at least partially tightly fit. I'd also swap the shoes pictured into something more Victorian-inspired, something in black or a nice earthy shade of green.

Found here. The Burning Circus collection isn't half bad, really.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Punk/ Deathrocker: 'Rock Cover Skirt' by Sex Pot Revenge at Dream Shoppe

Basic, and a fairly literal interpretation of Deathrocker as a merge of goth and punk; hence, not the most creative piece, but it works. I like it how the hem lines fall at different heights, and the difference could actually be even more pronounced. Rivets on the plaid side are also good. Wish the waist band was more interesting.

Found here.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Goth/ Gothabilly: 'Goth Dress' by Dead Threads at Subversion Clothing

This is very close to mainstream, nearly tame, but works very nicely in terms of quality, proportions, and overall style. I find it occupies a curious position between teen fashion and adult style - perhaps the bows and fabric are the young bits and the slightly 50's fit and cut a more grown-up feature.

Pretty and flirty. View it here.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Fail: 'Velvet Gothic Short Dress' by Leg Avenue at The Mission Boutique

As a bat costume, this is definitely a success. Great work. A bit unimaginative and vague, but somewhat identifiable as bat, nevertheless. Well done!

Outside of the bat context, however, I say this is quite unwearable a piece, even more so for something in the simple-black-dress category. (The model seems to agree; or is it just me who's reading confused desperation on their face?) 

I imagine the length to be something to consider and to get paranoid about, and since velvet is heavy as hell, the vast, oversized sleeves would add to the inconvenience. I also don't find the shape of the sleeves very beautiful, but that's just a matter of aesthetics.

Spread your wings here. If you like bats and want to look like one, it could also be done more fashionably, I believe.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

New Romantic/ Romantic Goth/ Neo-Victorian: 'BURGUNDY-RED Velvet Fitted Victorian Gothic Jacket' at The Gothic Shop

It's so nice to see someone put velvet in good use. I'm indifferent about the lace - perhaps less of it would sharpen up the whole look a fraction. The one-button cut creates an often-coveted hourglass shape.

See here to view the front. It's nothing spectacular; clearly the point of this jacket is the back. But the back is very nearly spectacular, and those colours compliment each other incredibly well.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Fetish: 'Paris' Couture Skirt & Jacket by Torture Garden at House of Harlot

This suit is pleasantly different from standard fetish wear, introducing a new character to the vast crowds of SS officers, French maids, executioners, nurses and high school students. I like the proportions tremendously, and I think the shine works quite nicely with this cut. The way that collar is fastened is nearly artistic in its elegance. 

The outfit consists of two pieces, but I think replacing either one would be very difficult, so the down side here is that it't not too versatile. Then again, couture pieces rarely are, nor are they supposed to. 

Snatched the picture here.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Deathrocker/ (Hippie) Goth: 'Black Widow Hoodie Male' at Cryoflesh

Insanely hard to tag this piece. This hoody is damn awesome, and it's a rare occasion I use that particular word. The tears in this beautiful fabric add a highly goth-relevant touch of sadness and drama, the hood is perfect, and the length interesting. For street fashion, this one is high concept, thoughtfully designed and all in all striking. 

Do want. Do want ever so much.

Found here