Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Hippie) Gothic Daily: 'Diamond' Hoody by Plazma at Plazmalabs

Easy-going everyday elegance. (I'm writing allitterations, shoot me now.) The colour is delicious, and needless to say I was immediately drawn to the - you guessed it - asymmetry and the interesting, playful cut. Not having to sacrifice comfort is always a plus with altenrative fashion. 

What I don't particularly fancy about this hoody is the print, which is a surprise since usually Plazma delivers in that area. I just find the grinning smiley faces clash with the casual classiness (there I go again; with a crossbow, preferably) in an unbecoming way. They aren't horrible, but they also don't contribute to finishing touch of the garment.

Ogle at it here. Also in black.

1 comment:

  1. Oh man I agree, those smiley faces wreck this for me. I wasn't sure what you were talking about until I went to the website to look at it. Otherwise the cut is great. I wish they would sell it without the graphic. Thank for sharing. :)