Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hippie Goth? 'Colorado' Boots by Jambu at Planet Shoes

Now this is an interesting, if not controversial, boots design, and I'm not sure I have my mind completely set about it. In a way, what we are seeing here is certainly a welly, and wellies are, well, mundane. But if an alternatively fashion-oriented person wanted to or had the need to put on a pair of wellies, I believe this style would be a something to consider. 

Outside of the welly context, however, I find these in an odd place between elegance and almost childish design, and as such I question the versatility of these boots.

Initially, I found it very hard to picture an outfit to successfully match these boots, but now I'm slowly getting there. Still not completely certain of what style to label these as. What would you picture someone wearing these with?

In black or brown, here is where I found the picture.


  1. well, i ride horses. and i like darker fashions so...i suppose these would work for that.

  2. ^ For riding, ah, didn't come to think of that. Yes, why not.

  3. I've just spent all day doing conservation work, and wearing green wellies with my black clothes... Useful wellies as I was in a bog. I'd have use for wellies that are wellies and gothy.

  4. ^ So there we go, there is definitely a niche for these.