Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fail: 'Amelia' Skirt by Dark Star at Lady Lucretia

This skirt. Well, that shade of red is fairly nice. As for the rest of it... The lace in the front looks like an apron, and in the back it's just hanging quite sadly - I simply don't understand its aesthetic value in there, and why they've decided to make it longer than the actual hem. It looks unintentional. 
That band of lace down in the hem stops all the movement the (cheap-looking) velvet might have otherwise created and distorts the overall shape and proportions of the skirt. With completely different fabrics, there might have been something going on here, although still I'd fail to see this as any example of good or innovative design. 
As it is, it's just frumpy, matronly, and bland.

"Oh but I love it!"


  1. Horrible, horrible and horrible. They look like drapes that have been hanging in some rickety old mansion for far too long.

  2. I've enjoyed so much this post I've read through all your entries marked with "Fail." You really have an eye for that, too!

  3. ^ Thank you! One has to have a hobby.