Wednesday, February 15, 2012

EGA/ Rivethead: 'Galleon' Coat in Black Denim at Shrine

Phew. Try buttoning this coat when you're already late for work. Good thing it seems to work either way.

Practical aspects aside, the neverending row of buttons is always a show stopper, and when everything that surrounds said buttons is neatly in order, the eye keeps wandering from the buttons to the seamwork to the overall cut and back to the buttons. 

The only thing that disturbs the harmony are the darts, which look like there might be a problem there; given that this is presented on a doll, however, said potential problem might just fix itself when the coat is on a person. 

I admit to wanting this military-inspired piece very, very much. Surprise?

Found here.


  1. I bought this coat while it was on sale at a few months ago, and it is very killer. It's also black as can be (the lighting in that photo makes it appear much grayer than it is). It's a damned awesome piece and very warm; it's heavy! As for the darts, they are indeed less of an issue when you actually wear it. I'm a big dork for alternative fashion, and when I saw a piece based on an old-school frock coat, I just had to have it. :) Good review!

  2. ^ Good to know! It's often incredibly hard to tell with just a picture. I'm actually surprised to learn it's warm, because it sure doesn't look that way.