Tuesday, February 28, 2012

EGL/ Neo-Victorian: 'Lace Afternoon Doll Dress' at Victorian Maiden

Lolita school teacher? On a dress form, the design of the front is somewhat lost, but on a person the white front works wonderfully in this otherwise all-black dress, and its shape narrows the waist, which tends to count favourably among Lolita folks. The slightly wavy pleading slightly below the waist adds a beautiful detail.

There are other colour and pattern options available (here), but I strongly prefer this clean, sophisticated look. (Site in Japanese.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fail: 'Amelia' Skirt by Dark Star at Lady Lucretia

This skirt. Well, that shade of red is fairly nice. As for the rest of it... The lace in the front looks like an apron, and in the back it's just hanging quite sadly - I simply don't understand its aesthetic value in there, and why they've decided to make it longer than the actual hem. It looks unintentional. 
That band of lace down in the hem stops all the movement the (cheap-looking) velvet might have otherwise created and distorts the overall shape and proportions of the skirt. With completely different fabrics, there might have been something going on here, although still I'd fail to see this as any example of good or innovative design. 
As it is, it's just frumpy, matronly, and bland.

"Oh but I love it!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Hippie) Gothic Daily: 'Diamond' Hoody by Plazma at Plazmalabs

Easy-going everyday elegance. (I'm writing allitterations, shoot me now.) The colour is delicious, and needless to say I was immediately drawn to the - you guessed it - asymmetry and the interesting, playful cut. Not having to sacrifice comfort is always a plus with altenrative fashion. 

What I don't particularly fancy about this hoody is the print, which is a surprise since usually Plazma delivers in that area. I just find the grinning smiley faces clash with the casual classiness (there I go again; with a crossbow, preferably) in an unbecoming way. They aren't horrible, but they also don't contribute to finishing touch of the garment.

Ogle at it here. Also in black.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rivethead/Cyber Goth: 'Hellraiser' Jacket by Hell Bunny at Inspired Insanity

This look has nearly the makings of a classic in the modern Gothic clothing culture, and admittedly it has earned its place there. This particular ensemble is a fairly strict interpretation of a uniform, which is perfectly acceptable, of course, if not terribly imaginative nor transformable. I worry slightly of the fabric maybe being just a bit too thin, or possibly this garment just doesn't fit the model perfectly - in any case, it looks like it requires careful ironing to be taken seriously. A wrinkled uniform is a terrible thing; unacceptable, even. 
Found here.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Romantic Goth: '11W Marchioness' Corset (Top) at Excentrique

Deary me, has hell frozen over or isn't this here corset top an actual corset top, in that there is both a somewhat seriously corset-like element as well as an expectations-exceeding design of a top? A closer look at the details reveals the quality as very nearly sublime. The trim is gorgeous. Great use of lace, too. 

I find this Romantic Goth very nearly at it's best, and at the same time I feel this piece brings something new to that particular set of aesthetic preferences. 

A fresh, clean take on romance, I'd say. More pictures here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rave/Cyber: 'Elliptic' Trousers by UFO at BeatDrops Closet

Basic, colourful, and surprisingly enough it doesn't go all circus clown despite of the strong duo colour. In fact, these trousers manage to tackle the all too common problem of how to create interesting patterns and colour combinations on trousers and still make them at least somewhat flattering. A bold Rave person might wear these even on a daily basis.

Plenty of different colours available (red, orange, blue, and green).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

EGA/ Rivethead: 'Galleon' Coat in Black Denim at Shrine

Phew. Try buttoning this coat when you're already late for work. Good thing it seems to work either way.

Practical aspects aside, the neverending row of buttons is always a show stopper, and when everything that surrounds said buttons is neatly in order, the eye keeps wandering from the buttons to the seamwork to the overall cut and back to the buttons. 

The only thing that disturbs the harmony are the darts, which look like there might be a problem there; given that this is presented on a doll, however, said potential problem might just fix itself when the coat is on a person. 

I admit to wanting this military-inspired piece very, very much. Surprise?

Found here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hippie Goth? 'Colorado' Boots by Jambu at Planet Shoes

Now this is an interesting, if not controversial, boots design, and I'm not sure I have my mind completely set about it. In a way, what we are seeing here is certainly a welly, and wellies are, well, mundane. But if an alternatively fashion-oriented person wanted to or had the need to put on a pair of wellies, I believe this style would be a something to consider. 

Outside of the welly context, however, I find these in an odd place between elegance and almost childish design, and as such I question the versatility of these boots.

Initially, I found it very hard to picture an outfit to successfully match these boots, but now I'm slowly getting there. Still not completely certain of what style to label these as. What would you picture someone wearing these with?

In black or brown, here is where I found the picture.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Gothic Daily: 'Industrial Zip Shirt' by X-Ways at Immoral Fashion

An excellent choice for daily wear, fit for a multitude of different body shapes, and versatile to the point where it actually demands a bit of accessorising (or not, if you're into minimalist expression). What I find especially satisfactory about this shirt is that the zip is real and actually opens, unlike the vast majority of similar designs. The mesh underneath is a nifty little detail.

See pictures of the same shirt worn by different models here. The price could do with being just a fraction lower, methinks, but on the other hand it does appear to be a quality item.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Neo-Rococo/ Sweet Lolita: 'ベルサイユワンピ' at Jesus Diamante

The detail pictures of this dress reveal its indisputable quality, even though the aesthetics may leave some people quite cold. Still, I like the play on Rococo style combined with clear Lolita influence (and the incredibly Japanese patterns in that pink fabric). Can't seem to be able to picture anyone wearing this as everyday street clothes anywhere else than in Japan.

They have two versions available: pink with pink, and pink with black (pictured).