Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Steampunk?: 'Spring Steam Dress' at Clockwork Couture

This one is tough to analyse. The site says it comes both in taupe (as pictured above) and in black, and I can't but imagine the two versions having completely different aesthetic moods to them. 
Personally, I have an issue with this particular colour, especially when it's dominating the entire outfit, and had this skirt not the kind of whimsy and playfulness I find aesthetically justified in order to choose such a washed out colour, I'd be quite tempted to tag this with a Fail. I won't, however, mostly because I have every faith in the black version of this dress, of which there are no pictures available, unfortunately. 
But here again is a good example of aesthetics that I don't really subscribe to, yet can somewhat understand the appeal thereof. With some indisputably Steampunky accessories, the look and feel of this garment would probably change significantly.

What do you think, o readers?

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  1. I don't care that Steampunk and Lolita fashion have many absolutely beautiful pale and neutral colored clothes, I despise all shade of blah-brown, cute as this dress is--but that's for ME only; when I see it on other girls I think they look fantastic, and still edgy in a sub-cultural way. It's growing on me; it's cool to dress even in all-white and still be a goth these days, but not for me. Black and jewel tone colors only for me! I would prefer to see this dress in black as well! :P