Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Wish: 'Mens Trousers Black Fire' by Bat Attack at Subversion Clothing

I haven't been able to sit very much lately due to some trouble with my back, hence the scarcity of updates. But everything will soon be much better!

This is very basic day-wear, both versatile and casual, not to mention comfy. No jingly bits to get caught in while biking, nor layers upon layers of heavy fabric to step on. I am also seriously lacking in the trouser department right now, which is why I picked this pair as my Birthday Wish this year. (Size S, I think.) Found them here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rivethead: 'Sidewinder' Vest from the 2011 End of Days line by Crisiswear

Fantastic construction! Good proportions, too. The collar elevates this vest's level of sophistication, making it easily convertible between day and evening looks.

Do take a look at the back as well, it's incredibly neat. (Warning! The site plays music.)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wa-Lolita: 'Wa-Loli Special Order A' Dress by AYA at Dream Shoppe

A very striking ensemble, and apparently also well made - not a hundred percent certain of the hem, though, but the work there seems to be in order. Probably it's just the bad picture playing with my eyesight. This is certainly the more show-stopping way of going Wa-Loli. Only two colours works, and so do the accents in red, but I think it would also look quite interesting with, for example, everything being completely white from the waist up, save for the bow, and have the details done in red from the waist down only.

Ogle at the original picture here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cybe/Faery Goth: 'Phazor Jacket II' at Cryoflesh

Simultaneously relaxed and quite elegant, this jacket displays seriously good judgement both in design and construction. Softness speaks Faery Goth, the raised details take it towards Cyber and the buckles go absolutely Rivethead. The only thing I'm disagreeing with is the styling in this picture.

See the beautifully shaped back of this jacket, too, here.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fail: 'Elegant Gothic Lolita Cinch Skirt' by Heavy Red at Iris Noir

Click the picture to enlarge.

Heavy Red, I know you can do better. You almost always do. So care to explain this?

Consider the drawstring waist and hem, for starters, especially when executed with fasteners commonly seen in mainstream sportswear. Very elegant, indeed. Then we have the pockets, aimlessly flapping on the sides like so many saddlebags on a horse. And the 'great fit' they talk about... well, it actually takes something else entirely to make a garment fit than just sticking in straps or strings and not taking the fabric and how it folds into any consideration whatsoever. Nothing wrong with the fabric itself, too, and even just taking the drawstring off would help this case considerably. The sewing doesn't appear half bad, either.

I've seen worse. What bothers me most with this is the name (and thus style) under which they are trying to sell it. Elegant Gothic Lolita? Uhh, actually, no, this frumpy, wrinkled, badly designed thingy is definitely not elegant, and while arguably somewhat gothic, so far from lolita it almost comes right back from the other side.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cyber: 'Mastershirt' at Cy-X

Whoa. High craftsmanship required to accomplish something this intricate; respect for that. Equally admirable is the effort put into the design, how the materials play together, so to speak. Large chunks of metal and wearable fabric are a devil to put together meaningfully and fashionably.

Also, a high collar is absolutely and definitely the best choice they could have made what with the heavy pauldrons there and all.

Currently not available here. (Site in English/German.)

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Neo-Victorian/ Gothic Lolita/ Romantic Goth: 'Crazy Doll' Coat by Spin Doctor at Violent Delights

Now here is a coat that really crosses the lines between different styles. A-line is fit for everyone, of course, but with the row of buttons in the front and neatly layered ruffles in the back side it's appropriate for a Neo-Victorian as well as a Gothic Lolita - whom I am reminded of by the collar in particular. Back lacing, lace trimmings and black velvet are a nod towards Romantic Goth.

The small pockets divide the length nicely, giving it a more structured look. I'm sure there are plenty of other styles out there that could include this piece, as well.

Very classy, and well constructed as far as I can tell.

Found here.

Monday, August 01, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Contact Lenses

Theme: (Crazy) Contact Lenses

I decided to only include lenses with a pattern or other special effect, meaning no simple colour lenses. I also decided to only look at stores that sell alternative clothing and/or jewellery, because it is my intent to see what they're trying to sell to gothic people.

Good: 'Magic Circle Flower' at Cybershop
I think this lens has found a balance between having a distinguishable pattern, a certain weirdness it creates in the eyes, and actually still making it look good. I like it how subtle and yet so clear the effect is that these lenses create, and how they let your own eye colour get through.

I'm guessing these would best suit a relatively light eye colour, but so do most of special lenses.

Found here. (Site available in English and Finnish.)

Bad: 'Yin Yang' at Everything Goth
Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with having a Tao in both of your eyes. Au contraire, I think it's a great idea. The problem with this particular product is that actually wearing the lenses destroys the symbol and eats up most of the eye. It doesn't look weird in a good way, just a bit... runny.

Found here.

Ugly: 'Aqua Teardrop' at ArgothIn a completely different context, I'd say this pattern might - just might - be fairly nice. But not in the eye. It's too busy and complicated to work in such a small area, and it simply looks unattractive.

Found here. Most of their other lenses aren't half bad.