Thursday, November 03, 2011

Retro/Cabaret/New Romantic/Pin-Up/Gothic Lolita: 'Belted Vintage Inspired Jacket' at Starlets & Harlots

This jacket is definitely speaking to a wide audience, I'd say even to the mainstream. The retro inspiration is there, but not overdone; the proportions are right, and even the loud bow the belt's been tied to is in the right place, not getting lost under the visual impact of the draped collar and hem. There is something odd going on with the sleeves, but of little consequence.

Available here. Another example of a massive site with plenty of clothing and accessories in many different styles, yet it's all so firmly on the femme side I can't help but feel frustrated on behalf of those of us who'd love seeing something more made for people with more masculine preferences. For a change.


  1. funny, the manufacturer of that jacket sells it on their own website for only $40! super mark-up much, batman!