Monday, November 28, 2011

Corporate Goth: 'Pyramid' Dress by Criminal Damage at Violent Delights

This is a grown-up dress, and that's a compliment; such a display of maturity without neglecting the alternative nor diving face first to the all-lace style some gothically inclined people seem to fancy once they reach a certain age. The fabric is stretchy, so there is really nothing in one's midriff that this would help to conceal if that is a concern. Best on a smallish waist and perhaps a bit of curve in the hips, although a fairly straight body type wouldn't look bad in this, either, with the pyramid studs dividing the focus so nicely.

Found here.

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  1. Good lord! Criminal Damage got something RIGHT, so it does happen! That is actually a really nice dress, I'd not wear it to work, but I'd wear it to a restaurant.