Friday, October 14, 2011

Romantic Goth: 'Marianna' Skirt at Rose Mortem

A wonderfully lively surface, and an interesting finish in the hem. Otherwise, there's nothing new, but no one is claiming there ought to be when you're doing the old stuff as well as this. I strongly prefer a Romantic Goth piece on the elegant side over the needs-more-lace approach.

Apparently the skirt is available in every conceivable colour, here. I wish they provided photographs of each colour option, just to be sure of the exact shade. The site suggests contrasting colour for the two layers for a dramatic effect, I say, go ahead, but exercise caution. Harmony is easier to pull off, especially in all things romantigoth.


  1. Her clothing is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this link, I saved it in my favorites. :)

  2. I lover her dress. Now if were only tall enough to pull the dress off.