Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fail: 'When I Die' Coat by Lip Service at Violent Delights

(Insert the usual "I've seen worse" disclaimer here.)

I have yet to see a full-length coat with the zip in front where the zip didn't steal the attention. If the coat is long and the zip only mid-length, it can be good or even excellent, but for some reason, this way it never works. Making it the same colour as the coat would help.

I guess the chains somehow emphasize the zip, too, and I must say I cannot understand their purpose here in any case. Shouldn't there be more? Or shouldn't they be heavier? Or maybe if you positioned them differently... no, I just cannot see it. Terribly inconvenient, anyway, to have to unfasten them every single time you put it on or take it off, and this would seem to clash with the overly functional and easy zip solution.

The model is doing their best to hide the fact that this coat is also very nearly shapeless. Can't fool us.

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