Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Classic Lolita: 'Lacy Drape Pinafore Dress' by Metamorphose temps de fille

Back-to-the-basics Lolita, this dress, in all its simplicity, is actually quite a rare find nowadays as the trend has seemingly shifted towards lace trimmings instead of making it the whole point of the garment. Also, I don't think you can get more traditionally romantic than this. 

All-lace dresses are often tricky in that it's very easy to just make them look like you forgot to wear the actual dress and prance around in your lingerie only; generally, I'm pro that, but I feel it's not a very good display of good taste. Here the top half definitely invokes undergarment-y associations, but the classic Lolita bell shape balances it out.

Black, white, or pale pink, here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rivethead/ Steampunk-ish: 'Dim Cardy Brocade Black Brown' by Aderlass at the Black Sheep

Again I've found something I initially was unsure of, but grew to appreciate the more I focused on the details. It's busy, and I'm not completely sure of that particular combination of fabrics, but the cut works nicely, and the layered patches and removable straps play well together instead of clashing horribly. A tricky piece, but decent enough.

Saw it here. (Site mostly in Danish.)