Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wa-Lolita: 'Wa-Loli Special Order A' Dress by AYA at Dream Shoppe

A very striking ensemble, and apparently also well made - not a hundred percent certain of the hem, though, but the work there seems to be in order. Probably it's just the bad picture playing with my eyesight. This is certainly the more show-stopping way of going Wa-Loli. Only two colours works, and so do the accents in red, but I think it would also look quite interesting with, for example, everything being completely white from the waist up, save for the bow, and have the details done in red from the waist down only.

Ogle at the original picture here.


  1. I think the color scheme is meant to be reminiscent of a maiko or shine maiden in Japan, so changing it might ruin the concept a bit. nice dress though.