Sunday, August 07, 2011

Neo-Victorian/ Gothic Lolita/ Romantic Goth: 'Crazy Doll' Coat by Spin Doctor at Violent Delights

Now here is a coat that really crosses the lines between different styles. A-line is fit for everyone, of course, but with the row of buttons in the front and neatly layered ruffles in the back side it's appropriate for a Neo-Victorian as well as a Gothic Lolita - whom I am reminded of by the collar in particular. Back lacing, lace trimmings and black velvet are a nod towards Romantic Goth.

The small pockets divide the length nicely, giving it a more structured look. I'm sure there are plenty of other styles out there that could include this piece, as well.

Very classy, and well constructed as far as I can tell.

Found here.


  1. Oh, that is pretty! I'd buy it if it were cotton instead of velvet, though. I really like the buttons.

    Hm, is the following your blog with email the same thing as following it on here?

  2. ^Follow by e-mail works like this. So basically you'd be getting these updates directly to your inbox. (It's especially handy for people without a Google account.)

  3. I have this coat and I have to say I regret it, the buttons keep falling off no matter what I do. I take textiles so I know what I'm doing but it looks like I'll have to convert it to zipper or give up :(

    I can't believe I wasted over hundred pounds on this coat.

  4. ^That is unfortunate indeed, and good to know. Hopefully it's just that one piece and not everything they manufacture; Spin Doctor's merchandise seems so elegant and well-designed in general.