Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fail: 'Elegant Gothic Lolita Cinch Skirt' by Heavy Red at Iris Noir

Click the picture to enlarge.

Heavy Red, I know you can do better. You almost always do. So care to explain this?

Consider the drawstring waist and hem, for starters, especially when executed with fasteners commonly seen in mainstream sportswear. Very elegant, indeed. Then we have the pockets, aimlessly flapping on the sides like so many saddlebags on a horse. And the 'great fit' they talk about... well, it actually takes something else entirely to make a garment fit than just sticking in straps or strings and not taking the fabric and how it folds into any consideration whatsoever. Nothing wrong with the fabric itself, too, and even just taking the drawstring off would help this case considerably. The sewing doesn't appear half bad, either.

I've seen worse. What bothers me most with this is the name (and thus style) under which they are trying to sell it. Elegant Gothic Lolita? Uhh, actually, no, this frumpy, wrinkled, badly designed thingy is definitely not elegant, and while arguably somewhat gothic, so far from lolita it almost comes right back from the other side.