Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Steampunk/ Retro: 'Steampunk Pirate Coat' by Fanplusfriend at Dracula Clothing

Such a beautiful, rich shade of brown we have here! A very basic cut, though, and strictly symmetrical, almost militantly so - to complete the Steampunk-ness, one might consider focusing on accessories. As it is, it's a tad on the boring side, but surely also appealing to mainstream people. (That's partially a compliment, you know.)

I've always got mixed feelings for making things non-removable, as it restrains the use of a garment somewhat, but of course it's a designer's choice and one must respect that to an extent. Besides, this particular coat/vest combination is so basic that there is an immediate call for modifying it to fit one's own personal tastes, anyway.

See more pictures here. Plenty of sizes available, too.

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