Friday, July 15, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Kimonos

Theme: Kimonos

Note that I use the word kimono extremely loosely here, leaving the real kimonos untouched and focusing on the alternative interpretation of said garment type, instead.

Another note: from what I found there were precious few items that were even bad, not to mention ugly, so the two pieces later mentioned aren't really that horrible, just not as great as ninety percent of the stuff I found. Again, this is a good problem to have.

Good: 'Elegant theatrical PVC Kimono' at Artifice Clothing

Completely impractical, and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, this item is one of those showstoppers that make me want to se up a photo shoot. Who would have thought that even a floor-length PVC kimono could look so elegant and effortless? It gives the impression of lightness and at the same time it's so clear that it's nearly impossible to move (or walk) in.

So beautiful!

Found here. Also available in other colours, but I definitely prefer the white look of the picture above.

Bad: 'Catty Gothic Wa Lolita, Japan Kimono/Yukata Set' at Fanplusfriend

In general, I'm not a big fan of satin, mainly because it has a tendency to look pretty cheap when there's an excessive amount of it, and while this Wa-Loli kimono does drape very nicely, the overall impression is shoddy and quite amateurish.

I don't think the colours work, either. On paper this could look nice, but the execution is bad.

Found here.

Ugly(-ish): 'Asymmetric Black Kimono and Lace up Corset Belt with Buckled Grommet Straps' by Melaniegail at

Again, I like the idea very much, but I think the fabric looks like a black sheet, and like said sheet was then draped any which way, ending up a bit like something between a kimono and a toga. It wrinkles too much to my taste. It may very well be made of high-end cotton, but the problem is that it doesn't look like it from the picture.

I also don't think that the way the straps and the corset belt gather fabric around the hips is very flattering, regardless of body shape. My biggest problem with this piece, however, lies in the price tag, which I feel is pushing it a fraction...

Found here. (There's plenty of very good items, do take a look.)


  1. That "Catty Kimono" from F+P is actually a cosplay costume (it turns up in their cosplay store, I've seen it there, but I don't know what it's a costume of. I still need to watch more anime, apparently). It's cheap and costum-y looking because it's a costume. I stuff like this turn up in their lolita store, and I wonder if they hope to sell more of them that way or something. Either way, nice as a kimono.

  2. ^ I am firmly of the opinion that cosplay outfits must be executed with attention to detail and demand for quality materials, just like any other clothes, especially if you're manufacturing them to sell them. (Self-made stuff is always different, cosplay being done mostly by students and other people with a limited budget.)