Monday, June 06, 2011

EGL: 'Royal Blue And Black Long Sleeves Cotton Classic Lolita Dress' at Funnyanimation

It's a striking shade of blue, one that can only be labelled as elegant if the rest of the garment keeps it under control; here, it does. I like it how this dress somehow is and is not ruffled at the same time, and would imagine some Neo-Victorian enthusiasts to fancy this piece due to the silhouette and the high collar.

Attractive, oh yes. Also far too hot for summer, I would imagine. Available here.


  1. Yes, I can vouch for the fact that Neo-Victorian enthusiasts would love this!! ;-D I wish one could get just the blouse part, as it would be more practical and versatile...

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  2. I'd be weary of actually purchasing from that site though. They are run by a company called Milanoo that has several websites under different names. On the EGL livejournal community there were several people who purchased from them last year because of the low prices and the high quality garments pictured. Some got well made items, but most received items that were very poorly made. Shoddy sewing, poor fit, different length than pictured, cheap lace, ect. Now Milanoo is completely banned from the EGL comm, although occasionally they will make sock puppet accounts to try and sell their products.

  3. katysioux: Hmm, good to know.