Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Cyber: 'Axiom' Shirt by Plastik Wrap at Plastik Army

Again I picked a design that works because it is simple and neat, and there is a sense of control and structure about it. Every element supports one another. Zen has been reached, and we are at peace with our clothes. Ah.

Depending on what one would pick to accompany this neat shirt, this could make both a day and an evening look. While on its own this speaks Cyber to me, there are dozens of possible combinations which could transform this into some other style, too. Corporate (Cyber) Goth springs to mind, for instance.

Found here. Plenty of sizes.


  1. Great shirt! Yeah, I think it's quite work-appropriate.

  2. Coool...I agree with it being workplace-appropriate, too. Those pants look nice as well...

  3. Oh I do so love this one, such simple elegance. I wish they would sell this one in the stores near me.