Sunday, April 24, 2011

Romantic Goth: 'Temptress Collection ~ Samantha' Dress at Enigma Fashions

Slightly Hollywood Goth, this dress, as it bears a remarkable, although stylized, resemblance to a mourning dress of a certain era, and rarely do the goths of real life actually wear anything like this, save for a very special and very gothic occasion. But that aside, I find the ethereal look quite captivating. There is a lot to look at in design and execution both - the shape of those sleeves is beautiful - and as a whole the style and cut are in harmony.

Found here. They seriously need to pay more attention to the pictures as well as the overall layout of their website. Wrong aspect ratios and small, blurry photos? Not. Good.


  1. I think this is beautiful. <3 I adore those sleeves.

  2. Stunning! Yes, this would indeed require a very special occasion. It might work at a Goth club, on the right night.

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  3. I'd start hosting gothic dinner parties just so I could change into that after the cooking's done so I could get an excuse to wear it without ruining it. Probably not so cliche-goth that it couldn't be worn to non-goth events requiring posh dresses if paired with the right shoes, hair, make-up and accessories and worn with the hood down. I.e had ones hair in a suitably mainstream fashion and wore mainstream evening make-up rather than goth.