Saturday, April 02, 2011

Fail: 'Corset Gothic Dress-Black' at Starlets&Harlots

First I was like, "Uh, what?"; then I was like, "Oh no, no no no no," then I was shouting nonsense to the world in particular because I ran out of words to describe how horrendous this rag is.

Please, dear people of the world, do not buy stuff like this. It is badly made, doesn't flatter anybody, lacks shape as well as any basic comprehension of design and fabrics and did-I-mention-how-badly-it's-made aka. Do Not Buy It!


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  1. I especially hate when they append the word "Goth" to a tacky item just to try to make it sell. Ugh. This one doesn't even look good on the MODEL!!

    Also the term "corset" is false advertising unless it has boning (preferably steel)and a busk, and is constructed to allow adequate and comfortable cinching. Just because it laces up doesn't make it a corset!

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