Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fail: 'Long Widow Frill Punk Skirt' by Phaze

Ah, what an innovation! We take this frumpy Ai-Likes-Ze-Funeraalz type of long skirt (with an elastic band!) which hangs like a sad curtain and stick a layer of pink tartan to... uh, at this point my ever so vivid imagination refuses to offer me any kind of an explanation. To make it more... Punk? Not seeing it. Colourful? Quite a lame attempt. I seriously have no clue.

As it is, the skirt resembles some kind of a lonely monster from an animated feature film - see, the pink part is its eyes, and the ruffle above makes the eyebrows, and with the rest of the fabric it hovers along the bottom of the sea, desperately trying to find a mate.

View the bastard here. It's not nearly as cheap as it ought to be.


  1. My, you've outdone yourself this time. How long did it take you to come across this Gem of nastiness?? ^-^

  2. What on earth would its mate look like? o.O

  3. Boots: There I was, minding my own business, when suddenly -BAM!

    ultimategothguide: Similar, I'd imagine. Or possibly the tartan part would be yellow, or green.

  4. Cousin Itt dressed for a funeral, perhaps?

  5. *whimper* That thing looks like a cross between granny-curtains and a dalek.