Monday, March 21, 2011

Fail: 'Cotton Pink And White Lace Sweet Lolita Dress' at Funnyanimation

The eighties called and wanted their tacky ruffle overdose back! Too much everything, especially ruffles and layers, and too much pink - yes, Sweet Lolitas, such a thing exists, pay attention.

Of course, even an all-pink dress might work, provided the shade of pink were tasteful and the cut elegant. The way I see it, wearing Lolita fashion is trying to successfully combine a child's innocence, cuteness and playfulness with a more mature sense of style, comprehension of shapes and cuts and materials and a clear purpose, a vision, a look. With this you'd just look like you actually were five years old. And that, dear gentlefolk, is seldom very stylish.

Finish the look with a poofy, curly hairdo.

O rly? Ya rly.


  1. Gosh! thats one sad attempt of a dress!

  2. The "Ya rly" link is broken. And that dress looks like a cake, and not in a good way.