Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goth: 'DISORDER-400' by Demonia/Pleaser at Joyboots

Ever so often I try and find alternative footwear manufactured by a company other than Pleaser, but their dominance on the alt market is even stronger than that of Lip Service.

With that in mind, this pair of boots I decided to post because it serves as a kind of a symbol. Oftentimes, gothic people like to think of themselves as completely unique snowflakes who dismiss the norms and expectations of the masses and follow their own path. There's nothing wrong with that particular way of thinking, even if they only end up following the code of yet another group, namely the one they all form together in their struggle for individuality. It's not wrong to wish to belong in a group, nor does anyone have to stick their nose up when someone displays such wishes.

Gothic elitism in all forms kills individualism. That is why we should accept both the ones who take the road less traveled and the ones who prefer more common choices.

So. It's not a new thing to wear white instead of, or alongside with, black, but it speaks of personal choice, nevertheless, even when the white piece, such as these boots as such were such a classic example alternative gear that it's almost a cliché.

< / bleeding-hearts-of-the-world-unite speech >

Boots available, for example, here. (A Finnish site, both in English and Finnish.) And yes, they also come in black.


  1. If you're looking for nice goth boots that aren't Pleaser, Demonia, New Rock or Doc Martens, try looking for Inamagura boots, they've got a variety of Good (like these: from a French site I found.) and a few Bad and even Ugly boots (mostly because they didn't source nice lace for the over-layers.) I find it quite hard to find Inamagura on English-speaking websites, but a lot of European goth webshops have them. Those brocade boots are my next aristo/romantic goth coveting item.