Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tribal Goth: 'Romany Long Men's Kilt Canvas' at Phaze

I was very surprised to bump into this nifty piece at Phaze; it seems they have turned a leaf and aqcuired a new, bolder premise to their designs. Granted, this piece may very well remain their sole attempt at a wider perspective to gothic clothing, but it is a fine piece indeed, nonetheless. The studs framing the panels bring something warrior-like to the kilt, an effect which is further enhanced by the intricate ornamentation and the colour of both of the fabrics. Appreciated is also the strip on the waistband which imitates half of a belt. This design could, I think, be improved, but I'll be damned if I know exactly how.

Found here. Do take a look at it on the original page, it's a closer view there. They have a bit simpler version of the same kilt there, as well.

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