Thursday, January 06, 2011

Rave: 'Tink' Top at Pen&Lolly

An interesting shape and a snug fit on this here arrowhead-like top. Most likely the material does not breathe, an aspect to remember when actual raves are in mind, but it shouldn't get too hot in there if one is to wear as little as possible with it. (Cutting down the fluff helps, too.) I do think that a similar cut would go well with a tad longer (and a shorter) top as well. It really depends a lot of the measurements of one's torso if this actually gives the body a good shape.

Found here.


  1. have you seen --ceramic corsets

  2. I love the top, and would definitely wear a green, blue or purple accented one to the kind of clubs where being frilly is going to make me pass out and where the music is decidedly oontzy. The skirt she's wearing with it, though.. Eugh. That is not how to do micro-tutu.

  3. At Pen & Lolly everything is made to order, so we can make this (and any other outfit) in any colour. We also offer a custom service if you would prefer a different skirt style :)

    Please email any such requests to

    Pen & Lolly Clubwear