Saturday, January 29, 2011

Neo-Victorian/ Pirate/Vampire/Romantic Goth: 'Gothic Aristocrat Cotton Cravat Shirt' at Retroscope

What a positive surprise: a white ruffle collar shirt not looking like a sack. Historically these shirts were, of course, oftentimes very loose, but sometimes one might consider trading historical accuracy to what is flattering to the body, especially when the rest of the outfit is unmistakably modern. Truly, I simply cannot recall any predecessor to this very simple yet rare apparition.

There is a lacing in the back which I, once again, am not particularly fond of (because it looks cheap), but a shirt like that is supposed to be worn with a waistcoat, anyway, so it makes little difference.

Found here. The whole page displays an incredibly beautiful set of well-fitting shirts and other goodies. Some of them are, of course, less beautiful, but at least all of them are tailored.


  1. Essential for all vampires, of course.

  2. Andine: The traditionalist vampires, perhaps.

  3. Gwah, Retroscope are heaven for Romantic Goths/EGAs, Steampunks and any other classy alternatives :3 That shirt is particularly fine. I'll send a link to my other half :)