Monday, January 24, 2011

Fail: 'Rose Collar' at BlackSwan

This thing here practically screams DIY - gone wrong, that is. Doing one's own super cool sexy vampire collar adornment is only advisable should one happen to have the skillset of a goldsmith (preferably) or a similar artisan (if it has to be lace and velvet then fine, but that, then, requires some sewing skills).

I suspect the red buns of fabric are supposed to resemble a chain of roses, ending up looking less flowery and more like rolled socks. And why are they hugging the wonky lace thing to death? Why does the lace thing look so cheap? We may never find out.

At least it's not expensive.


  1. It looks cheap because they sewed it together badly and didn't match their blacks. If it was all similar lace and sewn straight, that lace choker would be nice in and of itself. There is absolutely no explaining those bunched socks though.