Monday, January 31, 2011

Fail: 'Tonight' Feather Cardigan by Lucky 13 at Slash'n Burn

After taking a good look at what we now see posted here I decided that no, there simply is no reason for the feathers to be there, especially not as they are now, which is to say unevenly positioned and accentuated with, of all things, white lace. Moreover, according to the description there are crystals somewhere in this thing, as well. Feathers, crystals, lace... on a cardigan.

Someone please explain me this.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Neo-Victorian/ Pirate/Vampire/Romantic Goth: 'Gothic Aristocrat Cotton Cravat Shirt' at Retroscope

What a positive surprise: a white ruffle collar shirt not looking like a sack. Historically these shirts were, of course, oftentimes very loose, but sometimes one might consider trading historical accuracy to what is flattering to the body, especially when the rest of the outfit is unmistakably modern. Truly, I simply cannot recall any predecessor to this very simple yet rare apparition.

There is a lacing in the back which I, once again, am not particularly fond of (because it looks cheap), but a shirt like that is supposed to be worn with a waistcoat, anyway, so it makes little difference.

Found here. The whole page displays an incredibly beautiful set of well-fitting shirts and other goodies. Some of them are, of course, less beautiful, but at least all of them are tailored.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fail: 'Rose Collar' at BlackSwan

This thing here practically screams DIY - gone wrong, that is. Doing one's own super cool sexy vampire collar adornment is only advisable should one happen to have the skillset of a goldsmith (preferably) or a similar artisan (if it has to be lace and velvet then fine, but that, then, requires some sewing skills).

I suspect the red buns of fabric are supposed to resemble a chain of roses, ending up looking less flowery and more like rolled socks. And why are they hugging the wonky lace thing to death? Why does the lace thing look so cheap? We may never find out.

At least it's not expensive.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mainstream Meets Alternative: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Spring 2011

The spine-like structure of the back of this jacket bears I think, an obvious resemblance to body harnesses much in the favour of certain Fetish people; this nudge towards an underground culture being present in a prestigious mainstream piece intrigues me immensely. Not often does one stumble into mainstream formal wear so reminiscent of something nearly exclusively present in alternative aesthetics.

This particular collection contained quite a lot of pleasantly queer outfits, styling and even models. It is definitely worth taking a look at.

Picture found here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Classic Goth: 'Walk the Line' Sleeveless Shirt at Cruella

Here is a fresh display of using fishnet, a material notorious for slipping so easily to the costume-y look-mum-I'm-being-gothic side of the alternative fence. The extreme symmetry and control create a strong rhythm to the shirt, but I do claim that the look would still be very powerful were the panels more mixed and irregular. A good case, nevertheless.

Found here. (See 'Tops')

Monday, January 17, 2011

Goth: 'Trash' Outfit by Z~ENTiTY

This is a very attractive ensemble, and while the balance is mostly kept by fairly obvious means such as repetition of the slashed effect and the contrast between black and red, the main point is that balance remains, which is good. Commendable is also the way the front lacing plays with the subtle rip-and-tear feel - for once, hanging threads look like they should be there. Only one thing truly irks me here: the flames in the hem. Please, no flames. Tribal flames are not cool. Why not make it something more original? Even an abstract swirl would look more interesting there.

View the gallery here.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Neo-Victorian/ Steampunk: 'Tesla' Waistcoat at Gallery Serpentine

This version of a waistcoat is one of those little big designs - change something fairly basic and it can actually transform a traditional piece of clothing into something iconic. The pattern, while not incredibly inventive, is very pleasant to look at and the stripes are nicely discreet, keeping the piece securely within the Neo-Victorian style.

Available here.

Also, I would like to thank ultimategothguide for granting me the Versatile Blogger Award (which I seem to be living up to by posting two items of quite the similar style in a row) - see side bar. Questions and (short) answers below.
  1. Why did you create this blog? - Simply because alternative aesthetics intrigue me, and if there was/is a blog with a concept exactly like mine, I hadn't and still haven't run into it; hence, I created my own.
  2. What kind of blogs do you follow? - Very random ones. Mostly they've got to do with politics, environmentalism, queer news, photography, gaming etc., with the odd art or style blog thrown in the mix.
  3. Favourite make-up brand? - I don't wear make-up so I couldn't tell.
  4. Favourite clothing brand? - Plazma, probably, but only if this is about what I personally like to wear. I am not too keen on brands, as such; they all fail sometimes, and yet hardly any brand fails every time.
  5. Indispensible make-up product? - See answer to question number three.
  6. Favourite colour? - Orange.
  7. Favourite perfume? - 'Tokyo' by Kenzo.
  8. Favourite film? - Sergio Leone's spaghetti Western films.
  9. What country would you like to visit and why? - Mongolia, for photography and space.
  10. Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face? - Still not wearing make-up.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alternative Accessories? Unnamed at Steampunk Couture

Still couldn't say what it is, exactly, that makes me practically shake when I see knee-length... things worn with mini skirts or shorts - they just get me every time. And this time I don't even know what it is that I am seeing here. A pair of boots? Leg warmers? Something else entirely? Whatever it is, I have to say I find it extremely attractive, as well as the entire outfit.

View the original picture here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Florals

Theme: Florals

Good: 'Dee Dee' Dress by Pinup Couture at Pinupgirl Clothing
I was drawn to this piece primary by the colours, refreshingly uncommon as they are in retro-inspired designs, as well as the effortless, airy floral print. The proportions and aesthetics of the dress represent pure 50's style, but one cannot argue that they weren't impeccably presented. A good balance between breeziness and control: achieved.

Found here.

Bad: 'Floral Jacket' at Black Swan

The idea here, albeit somewhat recycled, is decent, but the jacket itself is seriously lacking in terms of execution and choice of fabric. While the floral tapestry pattern is very beautiful, the shiny surface reveals the cloth to be far too thin to keep its form like a jacked should. The clasps are of a nice colour and the shape isn't bad, but they, too, ought to be much firmer to work.

Found here.

Ugly: '60s Mod Bow Lace Shift Dress' at Inspired InsanityI actually had to roam half of the alternative online shops of the entire bloody internet, desperately searching for anything floral-themed that would classify as Ugly this time. Tired of bashing crushed and/or stretch velvet, I was limited to a smaller selection still. Lots and lots of things were definitely Bad, but not properly, unmistakably horrid - there was so little of it I that I was and still am completely flabbergasted. Maybe the worst examples of floral prints belong solely to the world of mainstream fashion.

So, feeling defeated, I had to make do with what we see above. I find it ugly, but not eyebleach-ugly. Yes, it is shapeless and the black bow is incredibly sad and saggy; also, there is no point in accentuating the straps with solid black when the rest of the dress is lace. But you see what I mean? It's just a sloppy, boring dress, not an utter disaster. It's a good problem to have, of course.

Found here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Elegant Gothic Lolita: '(62615)アルゴンキンストライプブロード3点セットワンピース' by Algonquins

An intriguing ensemble, this. I think it would do better without the lace, but the outfit is by no means ruined by the trim. The shape (I am sure there is a name for that particular cut, but alas, I am a novice when it comes to fashion terminology) of the hem of the jacket plays nicely with the otherwise regular lines, and a very Westerner but still appropriate touch is added by the girdle, without which the outfit easily loses shape.

Available here, in black or wine red. Or would be, were it not sold out. (Site in Japanese. And I am still confused by the name of that particular brand. Mixing Japanese fashion with the name of a Native American people? Curious.)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Geeky: 'Ancestry' T-Shirt at shirt.woot

I simply had to post this here - it's the most impressive T-shirt print I have seen in a long while. It's perfect for Geeky Goths (or just general Geeks) who aim their geekery at Steampunk RPGs or fiction (and Tron). Beautiful art, a clever design and non-obvious, interesting colours.

Found here.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Fetish: Bolero Jacket by The Baroness

This is both incredibly chic and exemplary of fetishwear if I ever saw it. Not everything made out of latex has to count as Fetish, of course, but neither does everything Fetish need to sit tightly nor reveal more than it covers. I imagine this on a self-assured, collected and charmingly intelligent dom circulating the club with an obedient sub trailing them, and the world, as they say, is their oyster.


Thursday, January 06, 2011

Rave: 'Tink' Top at Pen&Lolly

An interesting shape and a snug fit on this here arrowhead-like top. Most likely the material does not breathe, an aspect to remember when actual raves are in mind, but it shouldn't get too hot in there if one is to wear as little as possible with it. (Cutting down the fluff helps, too.) I do think that a similar cut would go well with a tad longer (and a shorter) top as well. It really depends a lot of the measurements of one's torso if this actually gives the body a good shape.

Found here.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Rivethead: 'Mask' Jacket by Criminal Damage at Polltäx

I am aware of the fact that my perception is currently strongly guided by the incredible snow storms we have had past weeks here at this part of the globe, but this jacket, or hoody, looks both cool and highly usable. Just needs more layers underneath, and possibly on top of it, too. Gods damn it is cold right now!

Found here.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tribal Goth: 'Romany Long Men's Kilt Canvas' at Phaze

I was very surprised to bump into this nifty piece at Phaze; it seems they have turned a leaf and aqcuired a new, bolder premise to their designs. Granted, this piece may very well remain their sole attempt at a wider perspective to gothic clothing, but it is a fine piece indeed, nonetheless. The studs framing the panels bring something warrior-like to the kilt, an effect which is further enhanced by the intricate ornamentation and the colour of both of the fabrics. Appreciated is also the strip on the waistband which imitates half of a belt. This design could, I think, be improved, but I'll be damned if I know exactly how.

Found here. Do take a look at it on the original page, it's a closer view there. They have a bit simpler version of the same kilt there, as well.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Alternative Accessories: 'Celtic Knot' Mask in Green by Shapeshifter

Let's celebrate the beginning of a new year with masquerade masks! This one here looks very heavy, yet the work is precise and detailled. The design practically oozes strength. I am impressed, all in all.

Found here. Also in red.