Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gothabilly: 'Blackout' Western Shirt by Lucky 13 at Slash'n Burn

Yes, there is quite a lot going on here, but I think there is still a nice balance between all the elements present. There is a large embroidery in the back with which do not fully agree with me, but the themes which make something rockabilly or gothabilly rarely do. It is not as if all of those clothes had skulls, roses, pistols and playing cards, but it's more a rule than an exception.

The embroidery in the wrists and above the chest reminds me of a wire fence, in a good way.

Found here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fail: Brass Knuckles Ruffle Camisole by Too Fast at Attitude Clothing

Now, the colour combination here is definitely not a personal favourite of mine. That being said, this is only a matter of personal preference and is not essentially what makes this camisole a Fail. The colours merely enhance the effect, and said effect is that this looks like a person was wearing a bra on a top, and that both the pieces are quite horrible, especially with the green print.

I really don't care if this is supposed to be underwear or not. I dislike the thought of it that some people also do wear camisoles as outerwear, too. This piece looks like it's stuck somewhere in between - and not in a good way, I have to add, since there is nothing wrong at being in between one thing and another as such.

Found here.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Sweetheart Necklines

Good: 'Heartbreaker' Steel Boned Corset at Heavy Red

I am dumbstruck by how well this full-length corset works. The trick to a successful sweetheart neckline, it seems, lies in its depth, and holding back the urge to actually make it heart-shaped, the bloody thing looks amazing even to one who dislikes the look on default.

Due to the stripes, this is actually borderline Emo Goth, but Emo aesthetics rarely include corsets. (Hence the tags.) It struck me just now how rare it actually is to see vertical stripes on a corset, considering how common vertical stripes are in gothic fashion. Indeed, I recall no predecessor to this piece. Curious.

Available here. (I wonder how they can sell it at that low a price.) Incidentally, I approve of their pictures. A lot.

Bad: 'eb-04' Dress at FairyGothMother

Nothing wrong with the dress in itself (if you like Sweet Lolita, which is what this is in my opinion Edit: I stand corrected; it is nowhere near SL and I realise it now clear as day), but this is about the neckline, and when there is nothing to hold it firmly in place, it looks like it will slide down all the way. Here the effect is unfortunately further enhanced by the high waist and the wide sash, as they both emphasize the bareness of the decolletage and the droopiness of the neckline.

Found here.

Ugly: Blue & Black Striped Bra Halter Dress at the Mission Boutique

A cotton night shirt with a bra-like sweetheart neckline adorned with rhinestones. Except that it is supposed to be a dress, that is, day wear. Dear gods.

Sweetheart dreams here.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gothic Lolita: Black & White Patent Scalloped Maryjanes at Plasticland

Again I present something that is very iconic to a certain look, and said look would be that of a Gothic Lolita. Be it on any piece, having white trimming on black sums up the essentials of gosurori, and the only way these heels make a slight difference to the norm is that as I have gathered, Gothic Lolitas somewhat prefer full platforms to the style in the picture, or fairly low heels. Apparently they are more comfortable to use daily, whereas a slimmer heel makes for evening wear.

Found here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gothic? 'Asian Mini Dress' by Leg Avenue at Arsenic Fashions

Phew! This fairly (read: incredibly) short dress has that ingeniously attached collar which caught my attention. I approve of how they stripped away all save the utmost essentials of the classic Chinese-inspired style and it ended up this beautiful. And, uh, it's certainly a party look. Meaning, not day wear. At all.

I find myself unable to tag this garment as anything else than just plain 'gothic', and I am hesitant to even use that - I just have noticed this style to be quite popular among people who generally lean towards Gothic. Any suggestions would more than welcome. Surely, this must be a fetish of some sorts? I am way out of my comfort zone here. What does one call people who fancy this style?

Found here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alternative Accessories: 'Morpheus' Sunglasses by Blinde Design at Dark Entry

I am positive that there are some rivetheads out there who cannot stand The Matrix and hate the fact that many people who are into alternative fashion define their style by the film. I have yet to meet one, however.

This piece we have here is not meant to be bought, judging by the price tag. Supposedly this is the only pair they have left, which is why the price is so outrageous. But let us savour the thought of pinching a pair of Morpheus sunglasses on the bridge of our nose. Would that not be grand?

Available here, for those of us who are in the bank-robbing business or who regularly find themselves inheriting vast sums of money from dear deceased Auntie Mildred. And yes, they carry all the other main characters' glasses as well. This would just be my pick.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Emo: 'Ghetto Blasta' Hoody at Chaotic Clothing

When it comes to all things 'ghetto', I readily admit to be a poor judge. However, even an ignorant queer like me feels positive that this hoody gravitates very, very far from 'ghetto'. Indeed, the title only refers to the quaint music players depicted on it, but still I consider it quite a confusing choice of name. That put aside, it is a nice piece of clothing, embracing the essential of Emo fashion by being oddly maniac and cheerful and somehow yet a little bit disturbed and moody at the same time.

Found here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cyber Goth: 'Siberia' Long Coat at Cryoflesh

Warm, stylish, neat, displaying both sci-fi and traditional oriental influence at its best, this coat has both the drama of gothic aesthetics and the luxurious comfort of convenience. The proportions keep the garment flattering, too - apart from the large pockets, perhaps, if one has very wide hips.

With enough layers of clothing underneath, it might just serve as winter-wear even up here in the grim and frost-bitten North. At least the high collar makes a good protection against the godsawful gale we get here.

Found here.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fail: 'Tutu Trousers' at MoonMaiden

Nice idea. Too bad it didn't work.

In general, I very much appreciate any designer who is willing to rethink, to conceptualize, to revolutionize and not let convention hold back their creativity. However, quality is quality, and one cannot throw good taste into the waste bin and work by only the principle that it has to be new and unusual. With that in mind, I regard these unfortunate trousers a failure. Having the top half in crushed velvet is bad enough, but the "tutu" part of this garment definitely adds the finishing touch to the catastrophe. Were the pattern, the tailoring and the materials reconsidered, then possibly, possibly, this... thing might actually be on to something.

Found here.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fetish: 'Mistress' Shirt and Tie & Mini Kilt at Morgana Clothing

This ensemble brings a little bit something different to the fetish fashion. But not much. Nice and simple, definitely.

Comes in various colours right here.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Fail: Jacket at Noctifer

Too much everything placed apparently at random all over the badly tailored shirt. Do not want. The elements are there, but would be better distributed into several pieces instead of cluttering one.

Found here. (The site deserves your forgiveness.)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Romantic Goth: 'Moor' Full-Length Skirt at Hors Norm

Red and black is obviously highly favoured a colour combination in gothic fashion and specifically in the Romantic sub-category, I dare state. However common, it is, indeed, one of the trickiest dramatic colour combinations that I can think of, since so much rests on the exact shades as well as the fabrics. A worst-case scenario would most likely consist of a very bright, cool scarlet shade with a slightly worn-out black, executed with cheap-looking materials.

And here we have an example of the colours working together beautifully. As seen here, the red needs to be rich and saturated to go well with black, and the black has to be deep as well - that, or simply replace it with grey. The little lace trimming adds a suitably sophisticated finishing touch, and I am genuinely surprised by how there is just enough of it and not one centimeter too much. Lace, it seems, oftentimes develops a life of its own.

Available here. The site is in French.