Friday, January 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Hats

Theme: Hats

I decided to only include proper, honest hats this time and leave all the other types of headpieces (bows, fascinators etc) to wait for their own edition of GBU.


Nothing like the basic, clean, stylish and simple fedora with a buckle to spice it up. Nothing, save for the classic top hat, maybe. (I am a bit biased here, because I actually own a hat exactly like this. But I wouldn't if I didn't think it fell into the 'Good' category, now, would I?)

Found here.

If it's supposed to be part of a costume, it's bad. If not, it's worse. I am too big of a fan of Batman to let this atrocity slip past unnoticed. The thing is badly made (uneven ears and eyeholes), but the idea I approve of.

Found here.

The red fur, the spikes, the overall shape (and the bad picture - one might think that Lip Service would pay attention to detail such as dressing their models in the right size)... where do I start? The only good thing I can think of to say about this hat is that it could be made of leather and real fur, but isn't.

Found here, although anything by Lip Service can be bought anywhere. And, indeed, there is a version with black fur there, too, and it is only slightly less ugly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hippie: ' Yellow/Green Dragonfly' Dress at Karma Rose

Ah, hippies, a species that flourished from mid-60's to late 70's. Since then most individuals have either died of substance abuse, moved to Goa or turned into People. Yet every now and then one does spot the odd hippie in the crowd, sporting a pair of John Lennon glasses and... something colourful and nature-esque. Such as this dress. The pale yellow leaves quite a lot of room for improvement in my mind, but the rest of the garment definitely works, and the dragonfly design is beautiful in its simplicity. And the back is quite adorable. Quaint, even.

Incidentally, switching the colour yellow into black and possibly adding some lace would make this dress a fine specimen of the Hippie Goth.

Found here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Visual Kei? 'Black and White Knuckle Duster Gangster' Boots by Funtasma at Kate's Clothing

A pair of knuckle dusters add a finishing touch to any look, don't they? I appreciate the busyness and controlled chaos of the surface while the silhouette has been left clean and traditional.

I am getting a sort of J-goth-ish vibe off these, or something like Neo-Victorian. But basically it's just gothic.

Found here. (Funtasma footwear can be found very nearly anywhere; also, Kate's Clothing only provides quite a narrow range of sizes. But the price is fairly reasonable, for boots.)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lolita: '裾フリルいっぱいブルマ' / 'Rich frilled bloomers' at Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

This garment is technically not underwear despite the tag, since the modern take on bloomers usually has them in addition to a pair of knickers of some sorts, not alone. Still, I couldn't bring myself to tag them, albeit very open for interpretation, under 'trousers'. And I realized I have seen very few pieces of underwear which would clearly speak to me as being alternative in any way.

This pair of bloomers is elementary Lolita stuff, both Sweet and Gothic. (Mostly Sweet, yes, agreed, but these come in black, too.) A must-have, if you will. I hear bloomers such as these are fairly easy to sew yourself, if you are so inclined and, incidentally, every single person I know to incorporate Lolita-ish elements in their style happen to know how to sew clothes. It must be due to how unbelievably pricey these things can get, the bloomers you see above being no exception.

Available here (under the 'Skirt, Drawers' section).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emo/Geek: 'My Little Pony' T-Shirt by Jist at 3rdand56thstreetclothing

I understand that Emos in general take a lot of influence from the fashion of the 80's. This is not a licensed My Little Pony t-shirt, since the pony bears only a slight resemblance to the toy figures, but it's the thought that counts. Besides, wearing a shirt with a plagiarized character is about as 80's as you can get.

Found here.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Punk: Bondage Jeans in Tartan at The Black Sheep

Yes, yes, I know there is more to punk than tartan. This pair of jeans slash kilt simply caught my attention, and labeling it as punk is merely a side-note. And at least they aren't ripped. The overwhelming excess of the black and white tartan definitely works for the overall shape, and would support marvellously something clashing, colourful and equally restless.

Found here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Victorian/Emo/Cabaret? 'Psycho Circus Bat Seducer' Jacket by Lip Service at Iris Noir

This jacket, my good gentlefolk, is incredibly cute in a non-frilly way. There is the possibility that should one wear both the matching pieces together, one might give others the impression of a sleepwalker. But unless that disturbs you, it fits well and looks quite comfortable.

Also, I have very little idea of how I should tag this. The web store is trying to convince me that it's "A must for your goth burlesque wardrobe", and yes, there are some Cabaret Goth elements here, but I remain unconvinced. There's this Victorian-ish vibe with the pattern of the stripes and the choice of colours, but the zipper in the front speaks Emo to me. I am undecided and put them all in. Please choose whichever you think suits best.

Found here.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Visual Kei/ Gothic: ラスベルクランダムワンピースジャケット by Atelier Boz

(The title says something along the lines of 'Raspberry (something) One Piece Jacket'. [Rasuberukurandamuwanpisujaketto - of which the 'kurandamu' bit I cannot comprehend. My apologies.])

Japanese alternative aesthetics rarely fail to impress. This piece works both as a jacket and a dress, which is why I tagged it under both. It is a beautiful example of how the whole shredded banshee look ought to be executed in a way that doesn't look like the person had an accident with a lawn mower. It's incredibly versatile, too, since most of the details are detachable, and I recommend you to visit the site for more looks.

I would feel like a terrible and not-so-subtle salesperson, what with all the hyping above, were this garment not so staggeringly expensive that nobody can afford it, anyway.

Found here.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Rock: '444' Skirt by Sinister at Venomous Clothing

Partially I was attracted to this skirt due to the cute model, that I admit, but it wasn't the sole reason. I, personally, do not find animal print very stylish, but for a rocker it is, as I have gathered, as definitive of the style as neon colours for a cyber goth. And at least the colour is fairly beautiful. And a good use they have made of the velvet, too, since it's partially hidden behind the thin tulle.

Found here.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Fetish: 'Incarnadine.Hantu' Corset by Savage-Wear

Beautifully crafted and creates a structured look for any who appreciate the aesthetics of the corset as a piece of clothing but do not desire an especially curved waistline.

The price is salty, yes, which is why I, for one, shall be admiring it online only. But in the price is included the fact that one can choose the colours and other features (normal, transparent, metallic and neon fabrics) for the corset from a wide variety of shades at placing the order; with this fact in consideration, I think the price starts sounding very reasonable indeed.

Available here.