Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Capes

Theme: Capes

Good: 'メンズアミュレットケープマント' at Atelier Boz

I have one word for you, and that is control. Just let your eyes feast upon the perfection that is how the hem of this cape folds. The asymmetry brings this out of the obvious and takes it to the effortless elegance of the EGL style. Wear with a top hat, please.

Here. (Also available with red lining.)

Bad: 'Gothic Cape - Deluxe' at ShrineI chose this cape here as a representation more than an individual piece of clothing, because this particular specimen happens to be of fairly good quality. My point in presenting it as Bad is that it is incredibly boring and outdated and a little bit ridiculous if one decides to creep around wearing something like this. Black velvet, full length, red satin lining and a hood? Save it to costumes, people, or other purposes of the kind. This cape is completely overpriced as well, which is unforgivable when there is clearly little to no designing involved in the work.

Found here.

Ugly: 'Gold Cape' at Eye Scry
A question. Would you buy this cape for $250?

Ponder my question here.


  1. The gold one looks like a curtain from grandmas...

  2. Indeed. Or possibly a bedspread. And my grandma has better tastes.

  3. yeah but who can actually place an order to that place in Japan, let alone even get the Japanese print installed and find someone who speaks Japanese to read the site?? And things can look great in photos and horrible in person so hard to only be judging things from an online photo as they go out of their way to make it look good. Might be cheap cotton and still look like for anime costume in person.

  4. There are quite a few people on this planet who speak Japanese, and for those of us who don't there is Google Translate.

    Photos on the web can be deceitful, of course, but while one cannot be absolutely certain of what a product looks like in real life, the eye does develop into getting the general idea of the quality of work and fabric, provided that the picture is large and sharp enough.

  5. The gold one looks like it tried to be something from a high-end fantasy film or something Versailles Philharmonic Quintet (visual kei band) would wear, but ended up looking like she's wearing a curtain from a Victorian brothel O.o Ambition exceeds execution :(