Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rivethead: 'Clinical White Straight Jacket' by Lip Service at Slash'n'Burn

Coat season is approaching on this side of the equator, so I go and search for some coats and jackets in the internet. After a fairly long and slightly frustrating hunt I came to firmly decide the following: In this blog, I will absolutely refuse to ever post a picture that is too small for anyone to judge what the hell is going on with the piece of clothing being depicted there. I remain positively flabbergasted of how any of those items could actually sell. How will anyone know what they are buying?

Exhausted by running into so many tiny and otherwise unacceptable pictures, I feel mad enough to be drawn towards this pleasant-looking jacket. It has these straitjacket-like qualities, what with the exquisite locks in the front, and the shape of the collar. What we have here is beautiful, but they could have gone even further with that thought - oversized sleeves, maybe?

We're all mad here.

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