Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fetish: 'Bad Seed' Top at Androm

Dismissing the fact how very nearly every piece of Fetish clothing needs to find a wearer who is of the perfect shape for exactly that garment, this one works very well even if it only manages being nearly perfect.

Nice and sleek as the front of this top is, I think the main interest lies with the back and how it's been cut. Very beautiful and slimming seams, and all the zippers have been positioned most flatteringly as well. The longest zipper would definitely be too much in the front. There is also a link in the turtleneck-ish collar in the front, which one would imagine might prove very handy in a fetish-friendly environment. There is the concern, however, of how well it holds together if pulled.

Found here. (Site in Portuguese.)

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