Saturday, October 02, 2010

EGA: 'Elegant Gothic Military Double Breasted Long Coat' at Fanplusfriend

Edit: See my note on this item in the comment marked 11-11-2011.
I'm sure I will at some point get bored with this look and style, but I cannot promise that day will come any time in the near future. There is just something incredibly attractive in long, well-fitting coats with sleek lines, a clean cut and dramatic details. Military influence in fashion can be executed through lots of different alternative styles, from Rivethead to EGA to Deathrocker. This one is, like it says in the descriptive title, pure Elegant Gothic Aristocrat.

Found here.

(Oh, and my sincere apologies for the lack of updates. I will most definitely make it up next week.)



  2. I love EGA and I love the military look
    this coat is absolutly gorgeous ^.^

  3. A note for the lot of you who keep returning to view this item (it's easily the most popular post of this blog): the company that manufactures these clothes has been on the blacklist of many an alternative person for some time now. Things like clothes not matching their pictures, shoddily made garments and problems with returning faulty items have been reported.

    So. I want to warn you all and emphasize that I am *not* trying to encourage you to buy this (or any item, for that matter). I only judge what I see on pictures, and that doesn't give much to go on.

  4. Nice but... where have I seen that look before...

    Oh yeah, the SS.

    I wear greatcoats but not sure I would dare to get that close to their officers uniform as elegant as it looks haha (the white trim particularly).