Monday, October 18, 2010

Alternative Accessories: 'MA002' Armwarmers at Dark Aesthetic

An inspiring pair of armwarmers, these would work perfectly as a multi-purpose accessory for numerous occasions. This is a nugde towards the alien-like, space oddity style. The heavily repetitive cloned feel of the buckles nearly hypnotizes the eye, and the shiny vinyl is quite perfect a choice to pair up with the matte plastic and cloth.

Like I said, inspiring. Immediately as I set my eyes upon these I was fascinated by the thought of having entire glove sleeves decorated in a similar fashion, with fingers and all, going all the way to the shoulders. Sometimes a piece may simply look perfect as it is as we see it, and that is, of course, a good thing; yet sometimes it's even more gratifying to encounter something which makes us wonder what else could be done in the same spirit, taking it to an another level, perhaps.

Found here. (Site in Russian/English.)

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  1. There's something rather video-game-warrior about these, a bit Tekken, a bit Mortal Kombat... Which means I REALLY want them.