Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gothic/Sweet Lolita: ボレロ風切替カットソー at Metamorphose temps de fille

(Bolero-like Switched Knit Blouse)

Now I am very impressed. Incredibly beautifully cut, this top serves as an example of how striking an effect quality clothes can make. I believe that with alternative fashion it is crucial that one pays close attention to the manufacturing and design of a piece, even more so than in mainstream clothing. We are, after all, making a kind of a statement with what we choose, and since our preferred styles can hardly be found down every street, we must make an extra effort in any case; and while we are at it, why not choose only the best of the best?

Besides the impeccable quality, I fancy the design and especially how the detachable sleeves work so subtly - when they are long, they don't look like they would come off at all, and when they are short, there is nothing lacking in the entity of the blouse.

This can be worn as part of a Gothic Lolita style as well as Sweet Lolita, mostly depending on the colour of one's choice. Get it in black, white, or pink here.

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