Monday, August 16, 2010

Neo-Victorian: 'Victorian Tailcoat - Vienna Brocade' at Shrine

This tailcoat cleverly utilizes the Victorian fashion tradition in a way that stands out somewhat amongst the Victorian and Neo-Victorian Goths we mostly witness sashaying around in brocade. The reason, I admit, is simple - the colouring - yet is suffices, and the result is pleasantly refreshing, not to mention how stylish the look is in many other ways. One should, however, remain aware of the fact, that this tailcoat falls more into the category of costume than gothic fashion as such, unless played modern with carefully chosen bottom part and/or accessories.

Available here.


  1. Colours are lovely - would probably go down a treat with the steampunk types too.

  2. Not daily fashion, but would go down a treat at a festival like Whitby Gothic Weekend, where you can live in an alternate history where Dracula is real and half the town is in anachronistic clothes for a weekend.

  3. Also, my captcha word was "Bingley" which I think is PERFECT for a jacket like this. I can just picture Mr. Darcy rolling his eyes while Mr. Bingley parades around in this in a non-historically accurate version of P&P