Friday, August 20, 2010

Medieval Goth: 'Long Sleeve Peasant Blouse' at The Clothing Whore

Beautifully designed and elegant, even sculptural what with the gracefully cascading fabric, this top appears highly inspired by the European Renaissance (around the sixteenth century), even though separates quite like this weren't exactly part of the fashion of said era. All in all it's very refreshing to witness such harmony of flowing and fitted parts that nod towards this particular style.

By the way: the tag I use ('Medieval') is a bit lazy, I know, since the Medieval era and the Renaissance era were very different in many ways and are not to be mixed up. I just have taken a more descriptive point of view from what I see gothic people use today, and very often those who enthuse about the Medieval era fashion tend to lean towards the Renaissance as well. Maybe I ought to give each distinct era of Western fashion in favour of modern goths a different tag. I shall consider it.

The blouse can be found here. Or you can click the picture above to make it larger - it's worth taking a closer look.

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