Monday, August 23, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cobweb

Theme: Cobweb

Good: 'Cobweb Lace & Zipped Black Gothic Dress' by Hell Bunny at the Gothic Shop

Not only is the cobweb pattern in itself quite charming, but it has been distributed most tastefully in strips across and underneath the skirt. Indeed, I feel this is very nearly the perfect way to include cobweb in one's clothing if one is thusly inclined; in moderation, almost like it were an accessory. The whole dress is quite beautiful, as well. A balance of elements achieved.

Jolly good.

Bad: 'Cobweb Bag' at Black Swan'Tis bad, but at least there is not much of it. Actually doing some designing and paying more attention to quality (how about we start with ironing the damn fabric underneath the cobweb?) might just help.

I say.

Ugly: 'Cradle to the Grave - All Gone Dead' Waist Cincher by Lip Service at Arsenic Fashions Waist cinchers are in the habit of not flattering the body very much, almost regardless of what shape or size the body in question is. Very often it boils down to either having fairly narrow hips and a wide waist, or wearing a cincher short enough, at the length of from hip bones up to wherever it is that one's body starts to widen up again. In some incredibly rare cases the main factor is what one chooses to wear with them, especially in the bottom.

This abhorrent garment comes both in ghastly white and disgusting black, and neither of the aforementioned would look good on anyone. Moreover, what makes it Ugly and not just Bad is the messy, gratuitous skeleton in the cobweb. In short: This motif might work, somewhere, somehow; here, it doesn't. At all.


  1. That good dress is adorable. Truly something I would wear. I have a soft spot for lacing, you know. <3

    Hell Bunny for me at least seems to be one of the more reliable brands around these circles.

  2. Yes... Personally, I have very mixed feelings about Hell Bunny the brand. Their stuff is very often too cutesy for my personal style, and sometimes the garments seem shoddily made. Then again, they definitely do have their moments, as well.

  3. Eesh! The Ugly dress looks like it has a ketchupy napkin stuck to it.