Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fail: 'Never Let U Go' Dress at Bizzare

Frankly I find this dress very painful to look at. The bottom half I don't mind and the trimming of the hem is actually fairly pretty, but whoever thinks that that top half makes someone to really want to buy and wear this dress needs to take a huge piece of reality cake and swallow it whole. The designer in particular I would recommend take the aforementioned action.

Pouches for breasts are never a good idea, nor is the use of cheap red satin. The only way to make cheap red satin even sadder is to stick oversized ribbons and lacing on it. Full marks for incredibly bad taste.

And what, pray, is wrong with the word 'you'? Why replace it with just one letter? Wouldn't this dress be ridiculous enough without an unfortunate name like that?

Oh, the vile whims of humankind. Let us all faint dramatically.


  1. i agree with you in the top's idea. I admire your blog.nice work. I have similar opinions in style like this though. your blog

  2. Miss Bobo: Thank you for your kindness!

  3. you welcome. Alternative Bloggers unite! I really hope you continue blogging.

  4. Eek. This thing looks like a bad vampire halloween costume.