Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fail: 'Kiss Me Kate Lolita Dress' by Hell Bunny/ Mercy at Rockjet

This dress seems off. I know it says Lolita right there, but I shall only consider the dress as Lolita because I fail to sort it into any other category than Gothic Lolita, and because it is apparently trying to be GL.

The pattern is busy and out of proportion, and the colours don't connect with the black and white. There is too much white; it's wearing out the whole design and it makes the black, red and the specks of green look smudgy.

The sleeves and the bow are incredibly messy, as well. The whole dress seems droopy, as if the bottom part were too heavy to stay in shape and would drag the reast of the dress down with it, too.

Not convinced. (Site in Finnish.)

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