Sunday, August 22, 2010

Faery/Cabaret/Vampire Goth: 'Снежная королева' Overbust Corset at ExtraFashion

(Снежная королева translates to 'Snow Queen'.)

The first thing that sprang to my mind was, "Disco Goth?"; the second one, "How delightfully Russian!"

I like the shape of this, although it does make it especially important that whoever chooses to wear this sees to it that their top half is, hmm, compatible with the corset. The execution may not be perfect, but it's definitely good, and there is enough drama in the garment to disguise any possible minor defects in finishing.

When thinking about how to tag this, I find myself fairly handicapped. It's shiny, and shine and glitter make me think of faeries, and thus Faery Goths; however, most of them seem to fancy a more earthy appearance. Then I thought of Cabaret Goths, but I doubt they would appreciate this particular design, seeing as it approaches Vampire Goth aesthetics which, in turn, might rather shun this much shine than aim for it.

Bottom line: I can't find one tag to describe this garment, and I think it's good.

Found here.

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  1. this post is four years old, but going back through this blog (which I know has been discontinued), the proper tag has come to me: space goth. the shine and shape of this piece makes me think strongly of star trek