Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deathrocker: 'SO761' Skirt by SDL at RavenSDL

It may be a little bit too clean to qualify as Punk, but I gather the missing link we are talking about here is Deathrocker. Somewhere in between Goth and Punk, right?

The patches work surprisingly well here, and I am reminded of band posters stapled on wooden utility poles, which, as a mental image, is a good sign. Indeed, the more I look at this garment, the more firmly it settles in the middle of Goth and Punk - Union Jack and straps and all. Besides, judging from the cut, this skirt looks like it would suit a lot of different body types, a feature that cannot be left unnoticed.

Found here.


  1. So THAT'S what is between Goth and Punk. And here I thought it was something far, far scarier. ^^

  2. Neither Goths nor Punks are scary, to begin with ^_~

  3. I'm not scary? *scary face*

    Fine, point taken. =/

  4. actually I like it. At first I thought I didn't know if I should love it or like it. I am stuck in between. It feels like looking at a piece of art reminding of us of good punk golden years. And what I like about it is that I can actually see it on a full figured model. You know what I love it <3