Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cabaret Goth: 'Tuxedo Top' by Switchblade Stiletto at Slash'n Burn

See? It is possible to do Cabaret Goth (although this one probably crosses a lot of stereotypes and style definitions) the frillier way without having any kind of a corset as part of the outfit.

This top is so versatile that I'd wager even people with more mainstream tastes could very well gravitate towards it, which means that what ultimately makes this an alternative choice is what one wears with it. And yes, that could be an underbust corset (or over-, possibly), but it might also be something else. Maybe leave the top as it is and add more volume in the bottom?

Found here.


  1. I LOVE your blog! I found it when googling all things 'cabaret goth'. You feature some super cool things and have a fantastic concept going on. I've listed your blog on mine!

  2. Hexotica: Thank you for your kind words. "We aim to please." =)