Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Steampunk: 'Captain of the Skies' (or 'Walker') Boots by Funtasma at Clockwork Couture

I find this design both strong and elegant, truly. It's definitely Steampunk - with a touch of science fiction influence - at its best. The eye rests. The heart stirs.

And that's that. The only thing I disapprove of in regards of this magnificent footwear is the sizing, meaning they carry far too few sizes. These boots need to be worn by as many people as possible.

I tingle at your presence. The style also comes in brown.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Wish: 'Kensen' by Crisiswear

There is nothing I don't like about this piece, and my mind swarms with all the ways one - I - could wear this with different shirts and trousers. This is my birthday wish of the year. In black, size SM/MD, please.

Found here. (Warning! Site plays music. It's good music, though.)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fail: 'Noa' Corset at Realm of Darkness

I sit here, looking at this corset, and with each glance, only one word pops into my head: Why? Why is there lacing in the front, abruptly cutting the shape of the thing? Why is the sweetheart neckline so deep and shaped so that only people who have a chest like Tila Tequila could properly fit their figure inside? Why are there two separate cups in the first place? Why are they set so wide apart?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Traditional Goth: 'Heirconn' Long Sleeve Shirt by Z~ENTiTY

It's a rare situation in which I can honestly describe some piece of cloting in which mesh is a key element as sophisticated; now I have no other word for what I am seeing. This top is truly beautiful, stylish and elegant, not to mention versatile. The artistic quality of the photograph and styling both play their parts, as well. (Remember these two things, dear designers and merchants.)

I think this design would best suit a fairly toned, athletic body type, given that the stretchy fabric shows little mercy to the torso area. As part of an outfit, I feel confident to claim that this top would prove effortless to successfully pair with multiple different trousers or skirts to create different styles.

Available here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fail: 'Kiss Me Kate Lolita Dress' by Hell Bunny/ Mercy at Rockjet

This dress seems off. I know it says Lolita right there, but I shall only consider the dress as Lolita because I fail to sort it into any other category than Gothic Lolita, and because it is apparently trying to be GL.

The pattern is busy and out of proportion, and the colours don't connect with the black and white. There is too much white; it's wearing out the whole design and it makes the black, red and the specks of green look smudgy.

The sleeves and the bow are incredibly messy, as well. The whole dress seems droopy, as if the bottom part were too heavy to stay in shape and would drag the reast of the dress down with it, too.

Not convinced. (Site in Finnish.)

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Cobweb

Theme: Cobweb

Good: 'Cobweb Lace & Zipped Black Gothic Dress' by Hell Bunny at the Gothic Shop

Not only is the cobweb pattern in itself quite charming, but it has been distributed most tastefully in strips across and underneath the skirt. Indeed, I feel this is very nearly the perfect way to include cobweb in one's clothing if one is thusly inclined; in moderation, almost like it were an accessory. The whole dress is quite beautiful, as well. A balance of elements achieved.

Jolly good.

Bad: 'Cobweb Bag' at Black Swan'Tis bad, but at least there is not much of it. Actually doing some designing and paying more attention to quality (how about we start with ironing the damn fabric underneath the cobweb?) might just help.

I say.

Ugly: 'Cradle to the Grave - All Gone Dead' Waist Cincher by Lip Service at Arsenic Fashions Waist cinchers are in the habit of not flattering the body very much, almost regardless of what shape or size the body in question is. Very often it boils down to either having fairly narrow hips and a wide waist, or wearing a cincher short enough, at the length of from hip bones up to wherever it is that one's body starts to widen up again. In some incredibly rare cases the main factor is what one chooses to wear with them, especially in the bottom.

This abhorrent garment comes both in ghastly white and disgusting black, and neither of the aforementioned would look good on anyone. Moreover, what makes it Ugly and not just Bad is the messy, gratuitous skeleton in the cobweb. In short: This motif might work, somewhere, somehow; here, it doesn't. At all.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Faery/Cabaret/Vampire Goth: 'Снежная королева' Overbust Corset at ExtraFashion

(Снежная королева translates to 'Snow Queen'.)

The first thing that sprang to my mind was, "Disco Goth?"; the second one, "How delightfully Russian!"

I like the shape of this, although it does make it especially important that whoever chooses to wear this sees to it that their top half is, hmm, compatible with the corset. The execution may not be perfect, but it's definitely good, and there is enough drama in the garment to disguise any possible minor defects in finishing.

When thinking about how to tag this, I find myself fairly handicapped. It's shiny, and shine and glitter make me think of faeries, and thus Faery Goths; however, most of them seem to fancy a more earthy appearance. Then I thought of Cabaret Goths, but I doubt they would appreciate this particular design, seeing as it approaches Vampire Goth aesthetics which, in turn, might rather shun this much shine than aim for it.

Bottom line: I can't find one tag to describe this garment, and I think it's good.

Found here.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fail: 'Skulls' Micro Mini Skirt by Living Dead Souls at VampireFreaks Store

Oh, how utterly adorable. We take a plaid skirt that would have more in common with most underpants than skirts, and we stamp grinning skulls all over it, and then we are sexy, stunning goths. We do, however, forget that this has been done a hundred times over and this direction where we are heading was boring to begin with, from the very first skull skirt that ever was sewn on the planet.

I am bored out of my mind by what I am seeing, which is why this lame act ended up here right now. Enjoy. Find a better use for your bare buttocks. Flash them if you wish, but with more style.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Medieval Goth: 'Long Sleeve Peasant Blouse' at The Clothing Whore

Beautifully designed and elegant, even sculptural what with the gracefully cascading fabric, this top appears highly inspired by the European Renaissance (around the sixteenth century), even though separates quite like this weren't exactly part of the fashion of said era. All in all it's very refreshing to witness such harmony of flowing and fitted parts that nod towards this particular style.

By the way: the tag I use ('Medieval') is a bit lazy, I know, since the Medieval era and the Renaissance era were very different in many ways and are not to be mixed up. I just have taken a more descriptive point of view from what I see gothic people use today, and very often those who enthuse about the Medieval era fashion tend to lean towards the Renaissance as well. Maybe I ought to give each distinct era of Western fashion in favour of modern goths a different tag. I shall consider it.

The blouse can be found here. Or you can click the picture above to make it larger - it's worth taking a closer look.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rave: 'Nazcar' Waistcoat at Pen & Lolly

What I am seeing is an excellent, if quite harmless, top, or waistcoat, which I definitely wouldn't mind wearing, especially now that it is summer and, as previously stated, hot in a most cruel and unusual way. This thing looks like some decent piece of armour against the vicious beams of the Evil Day-Star, lightweight and reflecting back all the heat. (One keeps on dreaming.) Although the expression on the model's face is just a little bit disturbing, frightening, even.

Found here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Neo-Victorian: 'Victorian Tailcoat - Vienna Brocade' at Shrine

This tailcoat cleverly utilizes the Victorian fashion tradition in a way that stands out somewhat amongst the Victorian and Neo-Victorian Goths we mostly witness sashaying around in brocade. The reason, I admit, is simple - the colouring - yet is suffices, and the result is pleasantly refreshing, not to mention how stylish the look is in many other ways. One should, however, remain aware of the fact, that this tailcoat falls more into the category of costume than gothic fashion as such, unless played modern with carefully chosen bottom part and/or accessories.

Available here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fail: 'Never Let U Go' Dress at Bizzare

Frankly I find this dress very painful to look at. The bottom half I don't mind and the trimming of the hem is actually fairly pretty, but whoever thinks that that top half makes someone to really want to buy and wear this dress needs to take a huge piece of reality cake and swallow it whole. The designer in particular I would recommend take the aforementioned action.

Pouches for breasts are never a good idea, nor is the use of cheap red satin. The only way to make cheap red satin even sadder is to stick oversized ribbons and lacing on it. Full marks for incredibly bad taste.

And what, pray, is wrong with the word 'you'? Why replace it with just one letter? Wouldn't this dress be ridiculous enough without an unfortunate name like that?

Oh, the vile whims of humankind. Let us all faint dramatically.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cabaret Goth: 'Tuxedo Top' by Switchblade Stiletto at Slash'n Burn

See? It is possible to do Cabaret Goth (although this one probably crosses a lot of stereotypes and style definitions) the frillier way without having any kind of a corset as part of the outfit.

This top is so versatile that I'd wager even people with more mainstream tastes could very well gravitate towards it, which means that what ultimately makes this an alternative choice is what one wears with it. And yes, that could be an underbust corset (or over-, possibly), but it might also be something else. Maybe leave the top as it is and add more volume in the bottom?

Found here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Deathrocker: 'SO761' Skirt by SDL at RavenSDL

It may be a little bit too clean to qualify as Punk, but I gather the missing link we are talking about here is Deathrocker. Somewhere in between Goth and Punk, right?

The patches work surprisingly well here, and I am reminded of band posters stapled on wooden utility poles, which, as a mental image, is a good sign. Indeed, the more I look at this garment, the more firmly it settles in the middle of Goth and Punk - Union Jack and straps and all. Besides, judging from the cut, this skirt looks like it would suit a lot of different body types, a feature that cannot be left unnoticed.

Found here.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sweet Lolita: 'Emblem Embroidered 3 ways Bag (White)' at Metamorphose Temps de Fille

A delightful play with the catholic prestigious elite school theme so often witnessed in Lolita fashion and what inspires its designers, this bag is neat, cute and prim. I would point out that it appears fairly practical, too, but I have yet to find a Lolita who thought anything of such trivial matters.

I see no reason why a Gothic Lolita might not fancy this piece, too, by the way.

Available here, in three different colours and at an astounding price which, in addition to making one's eyes water stabs one in the groin with a white lace umbrella. But I hear a lot of designer bags have a similar tendency.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rockabilly/Emo: 'Sunny - Aqua' Shirt by Criminal Damage

Again, this shirt is quite harmless, but it's also well-fitting and at least somewhat interestingly cut. The fit is what sets it apart from plenty other plaid shirts. It comes in several colours, but this one was my personal favourite.

Found here.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fetish/Visual Kei?: 'Shinigami' Outfit at CeresMoon

Inspired by the Shinigami (as represented in the manga and anime called Death Note, most likely), this outfit does not put its muse to shame. (I see the model has either been instructed well or, like the designer, is a fan of the series - bonus points from me.) The main elements are present, but no more than as a reference, which is why this works so well even if one doesn't immediately recognize the influence.

The ensemble benefits of the bare midriff, salvaging the look from being too heavy, so to speak, what with the using of non-breathing materials. The earthy green adds an essential eye catcher to the trousers.

Found here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

Cabaret Goth: 'Steam' Vest at Hilary's Vanity

This vest embodies the basics of the non-ruffled approach to the Cabaret Goth style. Gorgeous, striking and, yes, simple. It's word I realise am overusing, yet somehow I feel the principle of simplicity in alternative clothing is often radically underrated. Sometimes more can, indeed, be less.

Add even one little feature to this vest, for example, and the structured equilibrium of all the elements present would be in jeopardy.

That said, there are, of course, lots of styles which play on and break out of any aesthetic restrictions on how much stuff can be crammed into one piece and do so in some kind of style (Deathrockers and the Visual Kei spring in mind).

Vest found here.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sweet Lolita: ウエストリボンスカラップジャンパースカート 'Waist Ribbon Scallop Jumper Skirt' by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

There are many different colour options available for this dress, but I think this navy one beats all the others with its cute elegance. The dress is striking, in an easygoing, nonchalant way. And for once we see a lacing effect in the front which does not fall flat.

Found here, under 'Summer Sale'.