Friday, July 02, 2010

Gothabilly: 'Sweet Pea' Skirt by Rocksteady at Delirium

There are two types of Goths: ones that wouldn't get caught dead wearing anything with a heart or any kind, and the ones whose style embraces said symbol and makes it their own. (Emos, I think, fall somewhere in between, for I've seen them sport a broken heart symbol more often than a whole one.)

Gothabillies seem to have a thing for hearts, I've noticed, along with some Lolitas. The fact that the heart, a cliché among clichés, definitely works in this particular garment, is that (1) it is being made the subtle centre point of the skirt by keeping everything else at minimum and (2) by choosing the silhouette as the classic Gothabilly favourite, separating it from any other context. (I realise I may be over-analysing now.) The bottom line: the whole skirt works, and it is beautifully made as well.

Find the skirt here (under Ladies' Clothes - Pants & Skirts).

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  1. I do agree with you in making the heart the focus and the attention of the skirt. but if you took off the heart what would it be then? Great review